Cheeser’s Palace Café
Offering Distinctive

Breakfast &  Lunch
& Chocolate Shoppe

"to have the ability to feed people is a gift; the ability to feed them well, is an art!"

- Amanda Walsh

Image by Patrick Fore

Cheeser's will be Closed on November 24 for Thanksgiving! We hope you enjoy your time with your families!



Hours of Operation

Dine-In or Carry Out

Breakfast Served Until Closed
Tuesday-Sunday 8 am- 2 pm


Indulgent Beverages

Alcohol and Specialty Coffee

Cheeser's Palace Cafe has a beverage for all ages. Since introducing alcohol last year, "Cheeser's" has been whipping up new seasonal cocktails that are sure to tantalize you. Our delicious menu boosts the usual 'brunch' characters, plus many more; This menu is named after our Seventh and Montrose neighbors:
The Orange Blossom Belle
Wheatley Reality Group- Wheatly Maple Breakfast
Gray Collective - Grand Duchess
Powell Studio Lemonade- "The Architect" Adult Berry Lemonade
CMH Lawyers - Screwdriver
For those looking for different coffee selections! We have lattes, mokalitas, Mexican hot chocolate, and Cappuccinos! Our newest addition to our coffee menu is our Lady Justice, our new fan favorite!