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Our History



"Cheeser's," as we are affectionately referred to, started way before our location in Downtown Clermont. "Cheeser's" was created in the '70s with my Mom, Carol (Witherspoon) Kayser, and her friend. Cheeser's Palace was a Gourmet Cheese, Wine, and Gift Shop. The shops were in Ohio and have been gone for decades.

Fast forward to 2004, in Clermont, Florida, where Carol Kayser (Mother) and Amanda Walsh (Daughter) hashed a magnificent plan to unearth "Cheeser's Palace." This duo teamed up to create a premier catering company. We eventually outgrew our current catering kitchen and set our sites on becoming restaurateurs. Neither Carol nor Amanda were new to the restaurant business. Both had extensive backgrounds. It was a natural evolution.

In 2006, Historic Downtown Clermont, Florida, became the new home of "Cheeser's Palace Café." This historic location was the perfect fit for our European-inspired Café. Now retired, Mom came up with our first menus and desserts and set up "Cheeser's" for a long healthy future.

 Cheesers is now proudly operated by me, Amanda Walsh. Cheeser's" has become a staple in our community with deep, rich pride for South Lake! My children, Tyler, Samantha, and Emma, have grown up in this Café, and on occasion, my husband Sean makes an appearance. Needless to say, "Cheeser's"=" family," and we'd love to share ours with yours.

After all, "to have the ability to feed people is a gift; the ability to feed them well, is an art!"- Amanda Walsh.

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